Hello. My name is Fuzzy Wobble.
Born in British Columbia, Canada. Now in Brooklyn, NY.
I am a digital alchemist. Such title suggests I can do anything, but further implies I have no clue what I am doing.
I currently work at IDEO as a full-time problem solver and part-time creative coder.
Recent web projects include GIF Dance Party 2012, ASAZZ Insanity Sequencer 2015, Emphatic Nope 2015, Rejected Christmas Card 2014, Zuckeraver 2015, and Masterlist 2015.
Recent installation projects include GIF Dance Party Installation 2015 and Jankey Cam 2015.
DIY projects include MIDI Controllers V2 2013, Teensy Monster 2012, and MIDI Controllers V1 2011.
School experiments from 2011-2013 MFA Design & Technology program at Parsons can be found Here.
Other experiments can be found Here.
First thing I ever coded was an ASCII Art Generator 2008. First thing I ever made was an Acoustic Recycling Sorter 2010.
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