Hello, I am Fuzzy Wobble — a digital alchemist based in NYC/Cambridge.
I currently work at IDEO.
ASAZZ AV insaity w/ adult swim 2015 web
Wiggle Cam 2015 installation
AZZ Format 2015 web
Masterlist 2015 web
Zuck 2015 web
GDP Installation 2015 installation
Rejected Christmas Card 2014 web
Wut Magazine Interview 2014 hype
to.be Storefront 2014 fashion
Jill In A Box 2014 physical
3D Scan Chess Set 2014 physical
Emphatic Nope 2014 web
DIY Labyrinth 2014 physical
IDEO Humans Selfless Network 2014 web
Glitch Hover 2014 web
IDEO GIF Dance Party 2014 web
Mirai Hackathon @ MIT 2014 game
GIF Dance Party 2013 web
Freq Plant 2013 physical
Internet Explorer Shirts 2013 web
Is It An Art? 2013 web
Good Luck Learning Mandarin 2013 physical
GIF Cam 2013 web
DIY Controller v2 2013 physical
Hatched 2013 installation
Greg Underwater 2013 installation
Teensy Monster 2012 electronics
DIY Controller Instructable 2012 diy
Algorithmic Animation 2012 ofx
Bowling Brawl 2012 game
Adjoined Kinects 2012 ofx
Owl Lamp Instructable 2012 physical
AV Sampler 2012 ofx
Sequencer 2012 ofx
Decoder Pen 2012 physical
Img To Sound And Back 2012 ofx
The Gingerly 2012 design
Tron Bikes 2011 game
The Square 2011 installation
DIY Controller v1 2011 physical
Acoustic Recycling Sorting 2010 physical
Puppets 2009 physical
Ascii Art Generator 2008 web
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