Welcome to
My name is Alex, web alias, Fuzzy Wobble.
I use my brain to make things. Magical things. Technology is my friend. I exploit the gap for some. I bridge the gap for others. I experiment. I create. I solve. I am a digital alchemist.
I appreciate when technology and design converge towards a creative outcome, preferably something that others can interact with and enjoy.
This website documents my efforts to do interesting things with technology, dating back to 2008, when I didn't even know how to code yet.
Some of the languages and technologies I choose to work with at the moment include OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Python, Photoshop, Illustrator, Arduino, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Node, Rasberry Pi, C, C++, Processing, Teensy, Eagle, and SolidWorks.
Recently, I graduated from Parsons with an MFA in Design and Technology. I also have a mechanical engineering degree from the UofC.
I am about to start my career as a digital alchemist at IDEO.
You can reach me online at as well as find me on Git, YouTube, Instructables, and Facebook.